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5 Tips on Choosing Your Gift Timepieces for Him and Her on a Budget

Editorial Comment: Our primary objective here is to offer simple specific buying guide for affordable & luxury timepieces from watch brands big and small. Two considerations that come into your mind would be, firstly what you expect to get for your money, and secondly, where you would go to purchase watches.

More and more brands are opening up either their own e-commerce websites or are authorizing their dealers to sell watches online. These places are pretty safe for you to check first before buying watches on the Internet, and the watches will come with full factory warranties. Anyone who Google will find that eBay and Amazon offer good selections

Love luxury watches but can’t afford them? Feeling slighted that all the cool timepieces you seem to be interested in are out of your budget? Frustrated when people with more money and less taste than you get to enjoy the finer watches in life? You aren’t alone. It is a known fact that you got to have to pay for owning your favorite high-end timepieces.

Here are 5 considerations as a watch lover on a budget that will go a long way to helping you make the right choice economically!

1. Change Timepiece Straps To Liven Up Existing Watches
A great way to spruce up a boring-looking watch is to change your timepiece strap with nice matching colors. At times, you could also swap a strap for a bracelet or vice versa. Most cheap and not-so-cheap watches often come with terribly plain ugly straps. You need to master the art of “strap reclassification” to match your timepieces with great straps thus making them appear to be above their pay scale.

2. Check eBay and Amazon or Forums for Deals
Not all watches are cheap, and neither are they ever too cheap. However many inexpensive watches look good in pictures albeit they turn out rather disappointing when you have them on your wrist. Therefore by searching places to buy watches from other owners on watch-related forums or on eBay or Amazon, you will know what you are looking for much more. People who love watches and often buy and sell them prefer to work within their own community when dealing with buyers and sellers. That would sound fine if you are in an established watch forum community dealing with a known entity. Watch forums are very often the source of some of the best pre-owned watch deals around, because owners are on a time crunch to sell quickly. Forum posts selling watches often use language such as “FS” (For Sale) or “FSOT” (For Sale Or Trade) next to the name of a watch and model. You could use Google Alerts to have Google e-mail you when it detects new content on the internet that matches (for example) “FS Rolex Submariner.”

3. Opt for Pre-Owned Watches Instead
The world of Pre-Owned Watches is somewhat similar to that of the used car world. Items lose value and depreciate after their initial purchase but given their inherent values live on to be sold and sold again after the original owner has let go of them. Pre-owned watches can be purchased from individual sellers or, more commonly, from dealers who compete to offer consumers the best watches as the best prices. With pre-owned watches, you are not buying a brand new watch new watch factory warranty, but you are getting the watch you want for less money and in many respects, you are getting much of the same experience. On an added note however, buying a vintage timepiece is not always a good way to save money. Vintage watches can look cool and historically offer a special ownership experience that might not be matched by a new timepiece. But many vintage watches are like vintage cars – it does come with all the servicing and maintenance headaches. Depending on how old or rare a vintage watch is, it might not be something that can be serviced at all.

4. Buying Japanese watches that are comparatively largely inexpensive and more popular for most people just starting out
A Japanese watch maker like Seiko, Orient or Citizen produces the best quality cheap mechanical or quartz watches. These watches are often the first “real” watches for people just starting out – for just a few hundred dollars -that would be unthinkable at Swiss Made prices.

5. Doing a little research to discover what the like preferences of your recipient.
Consider your options that best fits the recipient – gold, white gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, leather bands – each having its own style and making its own statement.

Select a basic watch style that generally includes the mechanical wind-up types, self-winding, or quartz, which are powered by batteries. Look out to customize the watch that suits the recipient’s specific lifestyle with extra features, such as a built-in calendar, an appointment alarm, a heartbeat monitor.

Choose from complicated watches made for divers or trekkers to fashionable watches that do a bit more than tell time, sports watches are a craze. Basic features include alarm, water resistance, a timer or stopwatch function, an illuminator and the original band. You could prefer more advanced features that include altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass and data-link features.

Choose sport-specific watches that are specialized for divers, runners, or surfers, taking into consideration an adjustable band that will fit comfortably around the person’s wrist.

Check the guarantee and return policies so that the watch can be returned if another model is desired. Be sure to set the watch to the correct time prior to wrapping. If the watch is quartz, include an extra battery wrapped as a present topper.

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